May 29, 2013

Animal Lovers

Have you ever asked someone if they like animals? Have they ever responded with "I love animals!" but when you start asking them which animals they love the list is surprisingly short? Well, I recently had a conversation with someone who said just that. Her name was Samantha, or as I know her as, a dirty liar.

"So uhh, you like animals?"


"Yes! I love animals! Cats, dogs, horses! All of them. Except for fish. Fish are weird. And really only some dogs. Not big dogs, but like small ones."

"Oh that's cool. So you like snakes then?"

"No, not really. They are just so slimy looking."

"What about birds?"

"Oh my gosh no! They are so creepy!"

"... So your not an animal lover then..."

"No I love animals!"

"No... You love some animals... Just because you have sixteen cats and a goldfish doesn't mean you love animals."


And I wonder why I'm single...


Janene said...

So...I'm guessing from the conversation she was NOT a romantic prospect. If I'm wrong, then you will be single for a very long time. :)

DeRex said...

Every girl I talk to is a prospect for romance. I just have a penchant for calling out stupid shit people say. Also the conversation may or may not be exaggerated and changed as I see fit.

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