Jul 26, 2009

How to spot a ....

Construction worker.

In this post I will lay out some sure fire ways to spot a construction worker.

1) If there is a tape measure present, a construction worker will pick it up, and begin to talk with it. He will measure air, at various distances, and look very professional measuring nothing. The longer the tape becomes, the more emphasis he is showing. However the shorter it is, the less confident he becomes.

2) They cus. It doesn't matter at what, or when. You need examples, I know, so here are some.
- "Good fucking morning"
- "What the fuck is this mother fucking bullshit, fucking doing here? Fucking dumbasss. I can't believe this bullshit."
- "I'm so fucking happy this fucking day is fucking over."
-"This is bullshit!"
*fuck is the choice word.

3) When a woman walks by he immediately says something like "hey there hot momma".

4) Hates his job.

5) Is more than likely a complete idiot. (foremen and supervisors excluded).

With these 5 signs you too will know how to spot a construction worker.
The Mind of Derek Bowles