Jul 12, 2010

Rated FF for Family Friendly

I have been informed that some of my posts aren't family friendly. So to reach new audiences I have wrote a childrens song.

It is called, Recess Time. Or something like that.

Hey there boys and girls!
Hi DeRex!
Are You ready to hear a song?

It was recess time,
He saw her on the swing,
She looked so pretty,
It was love at first sight,
So he pushed her in mud,

And do you know what he did next boys and girls?
No what?

He said,
Eat this mud booger brain,
Or else I'll bring the pain,

And do yo know what happened next?
Tell us! Tell us!

She yelled,
You caught my cooties,
When you touched my booties,
Now run away before I lick your face.


So johnny ran,
he ran away,
until he remembered this,
He circle circle,
dot, dot,
had his cootie shot,


He marched back to her,
She would eat the mud,
and be his new girlfriend,
But just then,
The whistle blew,
And poor ol Johnny knew,

He would have to wait,
For his,


Deray said...

Awww that's sweet!

TJ Lubrano said...

Nice! You are venturing out to kiddie songs hehe ^_^

Anonymous said...

I shall send an email to Andrew Llyod-Webber - I understand he is need of a lyricist. I can just see you now, collecting your GRAMMY - the horns glistening in the spotlight.... then the videos on MTV.. you dishing out the candy to the little boys and girls... awwwww..

nerie_2010 said...

That was nice derek. You are very talented entertaining kids by lyrics. Kids will love it. Tnx for sharing!

AgapiStudios said...

mud pit's rock

Jenn Thorson said...

Ah- you know, Derek, we haven't had a good creepy children's show host in a while we could really count on.

I think you might have missed your calling. :)

DeRex said...

Deray- I thought so too!

TJ- Thanks. My new name bodes well with kids too, because they like dinosaurs...

Juliana- Thanks... But I dont really like kids all that much ;p

nerie- No problem.

Agapi- Indeed they do.

Jenn- I know! I could be twice the steve that new steve is!

GetTheShovel said...


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