Feb 9, 2010

Valentine's Day

Here's another song for the ladies. A very special song, for a very special day. I'm talking about Valentine's Day. And this girls, is why guys really try to impress you.

Today is the day,
A very special day,
That's right,
It's Valentine's day

I'm going to wine and dine you,
I'll buy you a heart shape box of chocolates,
And a great big teddy bear,

I open the door,
pull out your chair,
and buy a six course meal,

Why do I do it?
Why do I care?

It's all because it's ,
It's all because it's,
Valentine's Day,

Ohhh Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day,
I can't wait for this day,

Because when the courtin is done,
The fun has just begun,
Ohhh on Valentine's Day,

I'm gonna take you home,
I'm gonna make you moan,
I'm gonna pull your hair,
And then
I'm gonna request you go down there,

Ohhhh Valentine's Day,
Oh how I love this day,
I spend most of the day,
Hearing about how I'm actin gay,

At the end of the day,
I'm gonna make you pay,

Ohhhh Valentine's Day,
Valentine's Day,
I'm going to point that teddy bear towards the bed,
and then I'm gonna say

"Don't pay attention to that red light, everything is gonna be alright"

Ohhh, Valentine's day,
Valentine's day,

I'm gonna take you home,
and make you moan,
I'm gonna pull your hair,
and request you go,
and request that you go,
Down there,
Down there,

©Derek Bowles 2010


SJ "Taco" said...

LMFAO I LOVE it Derek! hahahahaha! especially the red light in the teddy bear! Ok and the pulling my hair part too LOL


Mr.Poo said...

Thats so sweet. I like pulling hair too.

Derek Bowles said...

Taco- It's what I do. Thanks

Mr.Poo- I thought so too! Hair pulling is always fun

KarateM said...

Eew. Such a sappy song. Way too sweet and romantic for me ;)

Deray said...

Why can't I get a BF like you? sooo romantic, jajajajajaja

Candice said...

That's one way to get the booty for sure!

Sure to be a #1 hit! ;)

Isha Ethera said...

Nice post here. =]

GetTheShovel said...

I'm confused. Whose down there? The chick or the bear? Waaaaait a sec, you never actually mentioned the gender of this Valentine. So maybe there's something to all this gay actin, after all. Are you gettin gay with the bear?

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