Nov 17, 2009

The Ghost of Turkeys Past Act 1

As we approach our favorite holiday stretch, I have decided to tell the tale of Turkey's who didn't make it. You all have heard the story of Scrooge and his ghosts right? Well this is nothing like that.

This tell of tales begins in the small village of Stuffing, Turkey. It was Turkey Day Eve, and Mr. Yam, and his new Wife Cindy Yam, were sitting down for their first Turkey Day Eve together. You see Mr. Yam was an immigrant of Hungry, and he had not yet known the feast that is Turkey Day. Mr. Yam was a respected flutist, and Mrs. Yam a raiser of cocks (roosters you pervs). Not much is known of Mr. Yam but the village gladly accepted him as one of their own. Not to mention he rode in with a cart of gold.

As the couple was discussing the plan for tomorrow a knock was heard at the door.

*knock knock*
"Hello?" the man at the door squeaked.

"Honey be a dear and go get the door." said Mr. Yam.

"Why do I always have to get the door? I have been raising cocks all day while you were in the room playing with your flute!" shouted Mrs. Yam.

"Flute playing is hard work! Any idiot can raise cocks!"

"How dare you!"

"How dare I? How dare I!?"

"Uhhh, hello? I'm still at the door..." the man at the door said.

"SHUT UP!" the Yams yelled in unison.

"You make me do everything! Raise the cocks, cook, clean, and what do you do? You play your flute all day!" Mrs. Yam nagged.

"If you don't like it leave!" Mr. Yam shouted.

"I think I'm going to go..." the man at the door muttered.

"See look at what you did! You made our guest leave!" Mr. Yam noted.

"Me? I made him leave? I don't think so!"

"Make like a tree, and get the fuck out." Mr. Yam cleverly said.

"Why I never!" Mrs. Yam screeched while storming off.

"I'll help you pack you ungrateful harlot!"

Mrs. Yam, grabbed her cocks and left the house.

"About damn time she left" Mr. Yam mumbled. "Now I can play my flute in peace." And he did just that. He played his flute 4 times that night. Exhausted from his strenuous flute playing Mr. Yam decided to go to sleep.


TJ Lubrano said...

Heh. Why do family fights always happen during a holiday?

I wonder who that man was at the door. Will there be a sequel ^_^?

Derek Bowles said...

TJ- yes there will be more. this is just Act 1 ;p

TJ Lubrano said...

*slaps forehead*

I didn't read the 'Act. 1' part in the title hehe.

It was early, I blame the morning.

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