May 9, 2009

How not to order chipolte

Yesterday I was pretty hungry. I wanted a burrito. My roommate (G44.5) has been locked in his room for the past week, and he was planning on getting drunk (and succeeded) but I convinced him to come with me. I am glad he did. We get to Chipotle, and fortunately there is no line, but as usual they have the music so loud it's hard to hear but that is no excuse for what happened.

Girl: "Welcome to Chipotle, what can I get you?"
G44.5: "Uhh, let me get a bread bowl."
Girl: "You mean a burrito bowl?"

G44.5 blank stare for about 3 seconds
G44.5:" I mean a burrito bowl."
Girl: "What kind of beans and meat?"
G44.5: "What?"
Girl: "What kind of beans and meat?"
G44.5: "Oh, uhh let me get black beans."
Girl: "What kind of meat."
G44.5 looks at me and starts laughing.
G44.5:" I'm sorry what?"
Girl: "What kind of meat?"
G44.5 looks at me and starts laughing again.
G44.5: "Uh, let me get chicken."

He told me he didn't do the same thing for the sauces but I'm still not sure. Now He wasn't drunk, he had a beer. He claimed that he was brain dead from studying for a week straight and then taking a test. I'm not sure whether I believe him or not, but it did provide for an entertaining five minutes.


Gena V said...

that was random yet at the same time oddly

bearman said...

Catch me up here...there are how many roommates

Fairy, G44.5....

derek bowles said...

Gena- Thanks, my life is pretty much completely random.

bearman- G44.5 is glock forty five and a half, I just decided to short hand it. Then there is Fairy, and Ann who is G44.5's fiance.

Peter said...

Chipolte is a little confusing at first, but once you get it, it is amazing, and addicting.
Don't forget the chips and guac!

derek bowles said...

Peter- Yeah, I remember the first time I went.

Girl: "What do you want?"
Me: "Ummmmm."
Girl looks at me annoyingly.
Me: "A burrito."
Girl: "What kind of beans?"
Me: "There's more than one kind? Umm I guess the pento, pinto? What are they called? Yeah those. And uhh steak."
Sauce Girl: "What kind of sauce?"
Me: "That red chunky one looks good. And cheese and sour creme."

Now, I'm not very fond of spicy food, and well lets just say that I had a rough time eating the thing.

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